STORZ MEDICAL is counting on Fascial Therapy

Fasciae are connective tissue structures that pervade the entire body. In the 1950s, the American biochemist Ida Rolf examined fasciae for the first time. She believed that the connective tissue or fasciae played a greater role in muscle aches than muscles did. This resulted in rolfing, a manual body therapy that affects the network of fasciae in the human body. For a long time, it was unclear what really had an effect on the connective tissue and the role that it actually played. Today, we know that fasciae cover all our muscles as well as all our organs. Muscles are only able to transfer their complete force through them. Fasciae contain above all nerve endings, receptors and lymphatic fluids and thereby cover our bodies like a network. Fasciae are flexible and can change.

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Treating the plantar fascia using the PERI-ACTOR™ 3 »sphere« shock transmitter

In this way, they support our body in all its movements and play a significant part in aligning the body. They are the elastic cover that give our entire body its anatomical shape. Research at the University of Ulm, Germany has been able to demonstrate that patients with muscular pain have fasciae in the respective areas that are markedly changed or thickened. We can therefore conclude that reduced elasticity and increased stiffness of the fasciae increase irritation. The resulting reduced mechanical functionality, then leads to a susceptibility to muscle pain. Stress also has an effect on the fasciae. This can cause the structures in the neck and nape to become stiff, for example. Permanently stiff fasciae become hard and brittle; in the long term, this leads to inflammations, chronic pain or even to immune deficiency.

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PERI-ACTOR™ set, consisting of PERI-ACTOR™ 1 »knuckle«, PERI-ACTOR™ 2 »scoop«, PERI-ACTOR™ 3 »sphere«,PERI-ACTOR™ 4 »scraper«

As a result, STORZ MEDICAL, together with experienced physicians, have developed innovative shock transmitters that can be used to treat precisely these structures. The special shape of the shock transmitters and the corresponding pressure that they administer are intended to dissolve the agglutinated locations and thereby prevent or even eliminate pain.

Areas of application

  • Fascial therapy
  • General treatment of the support and locomotor system
  • Decreased functional mobility
  • Muscular pain

*Fascia shock transmitters

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PERI-ACTOR™ 1 »knuckle«; PERI-ACTOR™ 2 »scoop«

PERI-ACTOR™ 1 »knuckle«
The »knuckle« shock transmitter imitates the knuckles of your hands. The shock transmitter is intended for massaging the back fascia, the plantar fascia or the fasciae in the shoulder and neck area, for example.

PERI-ACTOR™ 2 »scoop«
The »scoop« shock transmitter, which resembles a scoop, allows you to treat all the areas that are on or below the bone edges. The »scoop« has proven to be effective above all in the area of the pelvis from the front.

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PERI-ACTOR™ 3 »sphere«; PERI-ACTOR™ 4 »scraper«

PERI-ACTOR™ 3 »sphere«
Using the »sphere« shock transmitter, you can treat selective points of the fasciae as well as small treatment areas. Good areas of application include the cervical vertebral column, the plantar fascia, the arch of the foot and the back of the hand, for example.

PERI-ACTOR™ 4 »scraper«
The »scraper« shock transmitter allows you to treat all the fasciae of the locomotor system over a wide area. It has a similar shape to a scraper, which allows you to »scrape« along the fasciae.

*Prospectively available in June 2015



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